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Backflow Valves

Each home in the Park at Timberhill has a backflow valve on its sprinkler system, and the City of Corvallis requires that every backflow valve be professionally tested at least once a year. Starting in 2006, the Park at Timberhill Owners Association has contracted to have all Park at Timberhill valves tested (at a rate of $17 vs. the normal rate of around $40). The charge for this testing comes out of your semi-annual assessments. You do not need to take any action; if you have an open-ended testing contract for your backflow valve, you should cancel it.

The backflow valve is designed to prevent sprinkler water from returning to and contaminating the City water system if there's a sudden drop in water pressure. It is located under a green cover in your front yard. (There are also 'mini-backflow valves' built into your outdoor water faucets; these do not require testing.)

Satellite Dishes

Satellite TV is increasingly popular, but there is a downside: a dish must be mounted outside your home. The CC&Rs are fairly specific about where dishes can be located, and in the interest of courtesy to your neighbors, please install them where they are the least visible to other homes.

Please remember that a satellite dish MUST have ARC approval before you install it. Most approvals are granted easily, but for your protection and that of the Association and your neighbors, the plan must be reviewed.

Trash, recycling, and glass pickup

Allied Waste picks up trash and recycling every Monday; all non-glass recycling goes into the new tan recycling carts. Please put the carts out only when they are full or getting heavy, to make the pickup process more efficient. (By default, you will get a 65-gal cart — about the size of a yard debris cart — UNLESS you request a smaller one — 32 gal or 45 gal. You may call Allied Waste at 754-0444 to request a smaller cart.)

Glass recycling goes into one of the old-style plastic bins. Glass will be picked up only on the first Monday each month:

Yard waste pickup is every other Monday: For exact start/end dates, call Allied Waste at 541-754-0444.

The PAT CC&Rs require that trash cans, recycling containers, and yard waste containers be stored out of public view, except for the night before and day of pickup. Containers left out on a chronic basis may result in a fine.

Washing Machine Hoses

Just a reminder to replace your washing machine water hoses at least every five years. This goes for both rubber and steel braid cables, and for both hot and cold hoses. If a hose breaks, there is nothing to stop all that water pouring into your house, so it's very cheap insurance.

Winterizing Faucets and Irrigation

When cold weather comes, you should take certain steps to ensure that your pipes don't freeze. Read the procedures.


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