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Who is on the Board?

The Board consists of four elected directors, three of whom are also elected Officers:
  Kathryn Higley, President (through 2017)
  Tom Meier, Secretary (through 2018)
  Joanna Dunn (through 2018)
  John Winkler Treasurer(through 2017),
  You can also e-mail the entire Board.

How do I contact the Board?

You can e-mail the Board using the addresses above. If you need to send a letter to the Board, please use the following address: The Park at Timberhill, PO Box 771, Corvallis OR 97339-0771. You can always find the Board at the regular meetings, too; you always are invited!

What does the Board do?

The Board represents the owners and residents of the Park At Timberhill in all business dealings related to the running of the Community. The Board sets each year's budget, and approves expenditures for landscaping, utilities and maintenance for common areas, and business management services for the community. The Board also enforces the Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&Rs) that govern appearance and other characteristics of the Park At Timberhill community.

The Board meets regularly to conduct business. We encourage owners and residents to attend so they have a feel for how the community is run. The Board also hosts an annual meeting for the owners, at which important information is shared, and general decision-making and information is conducted.

In the case of architectural changes, the Board conducts Architectural Reviews to evaluate owners' requests for changes. These are discussed at the regular Board meetings, and the owner is welcome to join the discussion.

The Board does not itself handle the day-to-day business of the community, such as billing owners for assessments, paying bills, liaising with landscapers and other contractors, and so on. For this, the Board has contracted with Willamette Community Management (WCM). For full details of what WCM does and how to contact them, visit the Community Management page.

How can I see next meeting's Agenda?

The Board generally meets semi-annually. The Annual Meeting is generally held on the first monday in December. The agenda for the next Board meeting is posted on the web site, open for your comments and suggestions. To view it, click the link on the Home page in the Next Board of Directors Meeting box, or click here.

How can I see past Board decisions and minutes?

A running history of the Board meetings will be found on the Board Meeting Minutes page, which is easily accessed via the left-hand menu on every page.

When should I contact the Board?

The Board is always happy to hear from residents and owners, and contacting the Board is often a necessary step for doing certain things to your home or its surroundings. Most people will contact the Board for the following sorts of things:

  • Questions about the budget.
  • Concerns about Common Areas (e.g., pathways and greenbelts).
  • Questions about the CC&Rs or other policy issues.
  • Help with disputes between neighbors.

How do I obtain Architectural Review Committee (ARC) permission?

If you wish to make exterior changes to your home or grounds, you must get written permission from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). This is because Park At Timberhill is a planned community, with a predetermined "look" that gives it its unique and very pleasant appearance.

Fences, decks, sheds, and landscaping are the most common requests; most get approved, provided that they are aesthetically in keeping with the Park At Timberhill's theme and that they don't encroach on or affect common areas or neighbors' property. The ARC will often approve applications with the requirement that the applicant obtain the proper building permits. The ARC may also require the applicant to provide supplemental documentation, such as a grading plan, in order to ensure that that the project has been fully thought through.

Some changes will not be approved. Examples include changing the exterior paint color of your house to something out of character with the neighborhood, converting your garage to another purpose by replacing the door with a wall, and landscaping across your property lines into common areas.

To apply for ARC permission, download an ARC request form in PDF format or in Microsoft Word format. Fill it out, describing the changes that you wish to make in as much detail as possible. Send your completed form to: ARC, Park At Timberhill, PO Box 771, Corvallis, OR 97339-0771.

It is helpful if you check with your neighbors first, if there is any chance that they might object to your proposed changes. The ARC will review your application, and will do any necessary research with CC&Rs, neighbors, and/or the City of Corvallis. The ARC will then present its findings at the next Board meeting for discussion; you are encouraged to be there. Regardless, you will be notified of the decision by mail.

What's the budget — where does my assessment money go?

For a full breakdown of the budget and how your assessments are used, click on Budget in the left-hand menu, or click here.